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The characteristics and advantages of PPS material.

Jul , 20 , 2023

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), the full name is polyphenylene sulfide, the English name is Polyphenylene sulfide, referred to as PPS (hereinafter referred to as polyphenylene sulfide or PPS). The molecular structure of polyphenylene sulfide is relatively simple. The main chain of the molecule is alternately arranged with benzene rings and sulfur atoms. The benzene rings give polyphenylene sulfide rigidity, and the thioether bonds provide flexibility. The molecular structure is symmetrical, easy to crystallize, non-polar, good electrical properties, and does not absorb water. The outstanding properties of PPS are: good heat resistance, can be used in the temperature range of 200-240 ℃; corrosion resistance close to polytetrafluoroethylene; excellent electrical properties; excellent mechanical properties;